How To View Urban Land Records On AnyRoR Gujarat Portal

AnyRoR Gujarat, which stands for Any Records of Rights Anywhere in Gujarat, is an initiative of the Gujarat Government that has simplified the process of getting all the details related to urban land records. The Gujarat Revenue Department has taken this important step towards making land records easily accessible to the people of Gujarat.

AnyRoR Gujarat was officially launched by the Gujarat Revenue Department on E-Dhara as a dedicated website for land records. The main objective of this platform is to digitize land records and ensure that they are easily available to the public. This initiative will enhance transparency and protect the rights of landowners, reducing the need for in-person visits to government offices.

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Types of Land Records

Before we get into the steps to view urban land records, it's important to understand the types of land records available on the AnyRoR Gujarat portal. There are primarily four main types of land records, and you can find many more on the official website:

  • VF6 (Village Form 6): These records document changes that have happened in land records, and they are maintained by Talati or Village Accountants.
  • VF7 (Village Form 7): Also known as Satbara Utara or 7/12, these records contain survey number or khasra details.
  • VF8A (Village Form 8A): VF-8A records provide details about the Khata.
  • 135 D Notice for Mutation: In this, talathi released a notice and asked for objections to changes in land records.

Steps to Check Urban Land Records on AnyRoR Gujarat

Those who want to check their urban lard record-related details on the AnyRoR portal can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Go to the AnyROR website of the Revenue Department of Gujarat, i.e.
  • Step 2: On the home page, click on “View Land Record - Urban
  • Step 3: On this page, two options will be given to you, "Property card or Unit Property card". Select any one.
  • Step 4: A page with open, asking for more details.
View Land Record - Urban

Now click on “Select Anyone” to open to top-down menu and select anyone.

  • Survey Number Details
  • Nondh Number Details
  • 135-D Notice details
  • Survey number by owner name
  • Entry list by month-year (details of notes by year and month)
  • Know the survey number by UPIN
  • Step 5: Now provide the rest of the details correctly like district, City Survey Number, Ward, Survey Number, and Sheet Number.
  • Step 6: Enter the captcha code and click on ‘Get Record Detail’. The detail will open on the screen.

Additional Features of AnyRoR Gujarat

Other than land records, the AnyRoR Gujarat portal provides several other services, including property searches and online applications for various purposes. You can search for property details here too.

For those looking to apply for land-related permissions or services, the Integrated Online Revenue Applications (IORA) platform is available to them through the Gujarat Revenue Department's website. This platform allows users to submit online applications for land-related transactions, such as land purchase permissions, premium payments, and city survey office requests.


The Gujarati people now have a lot more convenience when it comes to accessing land records. Now people can see urban land records on the AnyRoR Gujarat portal by following the easy steps mentioned above. The portal only functions as a web-based platform currently, and the app version of it is not released yet. This platform has brought ease to the life of people as now they do not have to rush to government offices for each land record related details.